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konntek Inc.

We are committed to delivering products in AI-based video surveillance with the highest standards of quality

Konntek specialises in developing powerful, yet highly intuitive, cost-effective video surveillance products with Artificial Intelligence capability. From small, single-camera systems to large, scalable deployments with hundreds of cameras, Konntek has the ideal solution for all application from big commercial projects to small retail solutions. Our product line is popular for its simplicity and flexibility. We improve surveillance by allowing end users to increase the protection of both people and property.

The Konntek software gives end users an easy-to-use, yet feature rich system to manage live and recorded video for a variety of needs. The best part being that the software is highly customizable as per the need of the client. This is an USP that we bring to the table unlike other popular brands. The intuitive software line includes software designed for stand-alone systems all the way to complete enterprise systems. This Unique system installs directly on a compatible system to provide a complete solution. This could include Cameras, Sensors, GPS modules, RFID tags and also POS integration.

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Using AI in video surveillance can bring significant benefits to enterprises in terms of detecting unusual incidents and generating alerts.
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